Peter Minkoff: “Despite all the false fashion prophecies, chokers aren’t over and we predict they will be marching the fashion scene for a time to come.”

Despite all the false fashion prophecies, chokers aren’t over and we predict they will be marching the fashion scene for a time to come. However, what we can speculate about are the ways they will be manipulated and included into everyday outfits – we suspect there’ll be a lot of embellishments, juxtapositions and rich materials, such as gold, silver and diamonds, to turn up the volume on this already beloved trend.

A shutout to all of you loving the choker trend: here’s what to do to freshen up your style and stay on point this spring!

Take it from street style icons

The queens of street chic will turn a trash can into a fashion obsession, only if they wants to. We’ve already witnessed their fashion chameleon soul inspiring everyone around to adopt the trend. So this time around, chokers will pretty fabulously matches up with the basic outfits, with a hint of street edginess.

Pair your jeans/leather pants and your gorgeous printed T with a standout choker that’ll make a statement. Bloggers loves to go big, so naturally, their choices fall on gold and silver. As for you, choose your material wisely, so it fits your overall style and vibe.

Be fierce and sleek

There’s rarely anything as exciting as a bare chest with a choker as its focal point. Opt for a sleek look with minimal makeup and beach-inspired hair for a look that won’t go unnoticed. Make your gorgeous choker the focal point of your look by wearing either long sleeved dresses with interesting designs, off-shoulder tops or tube tops. You can also choose to wear pants and a low cut jacket over it (with no or minimal material under) to showcase your fabulous jewelry.

Stay humble yet chic

Focusing on clean and basic looks with be a win-win fashion situation for everyone this season. With an all-black-everything ensemble a black choker to match may be a real thrill, although, a standout game-changer in silver, red, orange, gray… or any other color you may like could be the real deal! Pair the choker with the right set of earrings (hoops are back, too) and you’ll cause a major jaw-drop everywhere!


Wouldn’t it be absolutely fabulous getting noticed for something you’ve designed and created? Yes it would! If you don’t want to use the already-existing choker frame designs, come up with your own and wear it proudly. We hate to admit it, but, chokers are just glorified strips of fabric designed beautifully, so what’s stopping you from becoming the DYI Choker Queen?

Experiment with different fabrics: ultra-thin suede, denim, sheer or lacy ribbons, shoelaces, etc. These are all good places to start. You may even add embellishments and glitter for a more effective look!

Be like supermodels

When you’ve got the style, you’ve got it. Supermodel citizens have embraced the idea of a black choker of varying widths and made it a go-to for girls of a certain stature. Who says YOU aren’t to wear it this spring? Rock it!

Take a step further

We love how chokers have evolved bringing back all the edge and excitement. If you are not a fan of “being the same”, then push the envelope like these gorgeous models did. Find the ways to turn your scarves and statement necklaces into chokers by wrapping them around your neck a few times for effect. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and colors!


Peter is a fashion editor at HighStyleLife magazine, living in London and occasionally in Brisbane. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.


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