Peter Minkoff : “It’s not really up to any of us to say when chokers will be done; the truth is, this once ‘90s staple trend has evolved to a point”..

It’s not really up to any of us to say when chokers will be done; the truth is, this once ‘90s staple trend has evolved to a point that it’s become the new 2017 it accessory and everyone is looking to have at least one in their immediate jewelry stash.

Although we’re used to the thick and thin (literally), usually black chokers that have marked almost every outfit from the begging of 2016 ‘till today, we’re now looking at a completely new choker trend that’s more elegant that it is rebellious, and we kind of adore it. Naturally, a choker in its purest form wouldn’t be as exciting if it didn’t keep the banal chic vibe it has, and it must be precisely why we love it as much as we do – its ability to be both banal and extremely glamorous in one single take. Stunning.

For all the girls that are looking to include chokers in their work wear, even if their work schedules and office culture dictate early mornings and a strictly business dress code, we’re listing our five top tips to help you get your way.

Go geometric

For all the girls who love experimenting with shapes and sizes, geometric chokers are the thing to try! They look incredibly stylish and have the ability to take any outfit – no matter how seemingly dull it may be – to the next level. Also, they work with virtually any hairdo you opt for.

We see you wearing any of the fabulous ladies tops you own paired with a sleek, straight-cut pant and a jacket in the same color with a geometric golden or silver choker for an added touch of elegance. Worn with your hair in a messy bun, the geometric shape will look spectacular (maybe even teasing a bit) while worn with your hair down may trigger a very chic, sophisticated vibe.

Try the stacked up option

For a day at the office when you’ve decided to be the talk of the floor, stacked up choker accessories are your primary option to go with. Stack up various colors, designs, embellishments and tiny pendants to complete the look. Opt for a heart choker as a central, adorable accessory that will automatically add romance to this jewelry mix.

Go for the gold

Thin and elegant, a gold choker necklace is worthy of your neat every day outfits, for sure. We love how beautifully a golden choker pairs up with any type of wardrobe combination – from purposefully trashy to determined and smart, all the while giving it that extra pop it needs. Pair your choker with thin golden hoops for a more daring look or golden buds for a toned down vibe.

Be a boho child, anytime

All boho children suffer trapped in glass offices and smart suits, but there’s always a way for the restless spirit to show its true colors, isn’t there? Wear an outfit in a neutral color like milk white, crème, beige, mustard yellow or any of the earthy colors and pair it with a flower long choker that will immediately take your entire fashion presentation to the boho level. For an added rebellious touch, let your locks down.

Embrace velvet

Yet another ‘90s staple trend that’s worked its way into the 21st century and nested; although it may at times look a little cheap and trashy, if paired right – a velvet choker will be bomb – even when you are at the office (actually, especially then!).

Velvet items and accessories have that very specific quality about them – they tend to look rich and sophisticated when paired with proper outfits. For instance, a man’s suit on a woman (tailored for her figure, of course) paired with a velvet thick choker and diamond bud earrings is everything, literally. Throw a heel into the combo and you’ve got yourself an office winner that’s ready for cocktails after work!


Peter is a fashion editor at HighStyleLife magazine, living in London and occasionally in Brisbane. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.



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