Mia Taylor: “The seasons might be changing, but that’s no excuse to neglect your inner fashionista and abandon your sense of style – on the contrary!”

The seasons might be changing, but that’s no excuse to neglect your inner fashionista and abandon your sense of style – on the contrary! This is a perfect opportunity to discover and perfect what could potentially become true life-savers for your look, and you can rely on these timeless tips to always look and feel your absolute best, no matter the occasion.
From matching your fav shoes and your beloved jacket, to mastering the trend of rummaging through your boyfriend’s wardrobe in search of the ideal belt, sit back, grab your cup of joe and let’s get stylish!

Flaunt your neckline

This season’s favorites include chunky knit sweaters, sportswear and all things denim, but even the sportiest of looks can be elevated with a delicate necklace or a punk choker. With all forecasts indicating a love for asymmetry growing stronger, a multi diamond bezel starburst necklace combined with your LBD or even ripped jeans and a logo-tee can be all you need to elevate your look.

Class up or go home

Cheeky disobedience and functional minimalism have somehow found a way to go hand in hand in recent years. Sneak a peek into your man’s closet, and you’ll find your favorite supermodel’s inspiration for her latest outfit. From crisp white shirts to macho time-tellers, we, ladies, have breached all gender barriers.
This time, no need to stop at the belt or the shirt. You can level up your “suit up” game and pick out modern men’s briefcases to complement your work-friendly look or even give an upscale note to your everyday errand-running.

Delicately powerful earrings

Tiny, but zesty, or massive yet subtle, earrings are every gal’s best friend even for the most impossible accessorizing conundrums. A simple pair of triangle studs worn with nothing but loose, beachy waves and your regular pants and shirt can re-shape your complete outfit.
Yes, statement jewels are sometimes a powerful add-on, but never underestimate the beauty of simplicity that can easily bring out your best features and work well for almost any occasion.

Watch out!

Another menswear edition tip for your upgraded accessory list is the use of a minimalist, but chunky wrist watch. And if you already like stealing your man’s stuff, this one is probably already on your list, and many women already rock the look effortlessly and every day.

Business-perfect, dominant and subtle, a manly watch, especially a classy Rolex or a Bell and Ross aviation-inspired model can easily be the only accessory of your combination. Wear one with pride, ladies!

Stack those bracelets

If you’re headed to an elegant cocktail evening with your colleagues and perhaps potential clients, then it makes sense to choose understated wrist adornments. But if you’re aiming for a louder, equally sophisticated effect, then go for stacking several different bracelets on a single wrist.
Playful, colorful, monochrome or sterling silver, your bracelets can and should be versatile in nature, and slightly at odds with your outfit in order to stand out. Experiment, explore and err – find your soulmate among stacks and show off your feminine hands!

Best foot forward

You know how the Hadid sisters and their bestie Kendall perfectly combine hoodies and mesh clothes with high-class boots? Somehow, edgy, rebellious and sleek can all blend into a single combo, and reflect your character through your choice of footwear alone.

Go all out with Fenty x Puma by Rihanna above-the-knee leather boots, or simple but stylish pumps to boost your confidence, but choose your shoes to keep your feet comfy while strutting your style well out of your comfort zone..

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on the lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.




Peter Minkoff : “It’s not really up to any of us to say when chokers will be done; the truth is, this once ‘90s staple trend has evolved to a point”..

It’s not really up to any of us to say when chokers will be done; the truth is, this once ‘90s staple trend has evolved to a point that it’s become the new 2017 it accessory and everyone is looking to have at least one in their immediate jewelry stash.

Although we’re used to the thick and thin (literally), usually black chokers that have marked almost every outfit from the begging of 2016 ‘till today, we’re now looking at a completely new choker trend that’s more elegant that it is rebellious, and we kind of adore it. Naturally, a choker in its purest form wouldn’t be as exciting if it didn’t keep the banal chic vibe it has, and it must be precisely why we love it as much as we do – its ability to be both banal and extremely glamorous in one single take. Stunning.

For all the girls that are looking to include chokers in their work wear, even if their work schedules and office culture dictate early mornings and a strictly business dress code, we’re listing our five top tips to help you get your way.

Go geometric

For all the girls who love experimenting with shapes and sizes, geometric chokers are the thing to try! They look incredibly stylish and have the ability to take any outfit – no matter how seemingly dull it may be – to the next level. Also, they work with virtually any hairdo you opt for.

We see you wearing any of the fabulous ladies tops you own paired with a sleek, straight-cut pant and a jacket in the same color with a geometric golden or silver choker for an added touch of elegance. Worn with your hair in a messy bun, the geometric shape will look spectacular (maybe even teasing a bit) while worn with your hair down may trigger a very chic, sophisticated vibe.

Try the stacked up option

For a day at the office when you’ve decided to be the talk of the floor, stacked up choker accessories are your primary option to go with. Stack up various colors, designs, embellishments and tiny pendants to complete the look. Opt for a heart choker as a central, adorable accessory that will automatically add romance to this jewelry mix.

Go for the gold

Thin and elegant, a gold choker necklace is worthy of your neat every day outfits, for sure. We love how beautifully a golden choker pairs up with any type of wardrobe combination – from purposefully trashy to determined and smart, all the while giving it that extra pop it needs. Pair your choker with thin golden hoops for a more daring look or golden buds for a toned down vibe.

Be a boho child, anytime

All boho children suffer trapped in glass offices and smart suits, but there’s always a way for the restless spirit to show its true colors, isn’t there? Wear an outfit in a neutral color like milk white, crème, beige, mustard yellow or any of the earthy colors and pair it with a flower long choker that will immediately take your entire fashion presentation to the boho level. For an added rebellious touch, let your locks down.

Embrace velvet

Yet another ‘90s staple trend that’s worked its way into the 21st century and nested; although it may at times look a little cheap and trashy, if paired right – a velvet choker will be bomb – even when you are at the office (actually, especially then!).

Velvet items and accessories have that very specific quality about them – they tend to look rich and sophisticated when paired with proper outfits. For instance, a man’s suit on a woman (tailored for her figure, of course) paired with a velvet thick choker and diamond bud earrings is everything, literally. Throw a heel into the combo and you’ve got yourself an office winner that’s ready for cocktails after work!


Peter is a fashion editor at HighStyleLife magazine, living in London and occasionally in Brisbane. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.




Peter Minkoff: “Despite all the false fashion prophecies, chokers aren’t over and we predict they will be marching the fashion scene for a time to come.”

Despite all the false fashion prophecies, chokers aren’t over and we predict they will be marching the fashion scene for a time to come. However, what we can speculate about are the ways they will be manipulated and included into everyday outfits – we suspect there’ll be a lot of embellishments, juxtapositions and rich materials, such as gold, silver and diamonds, to turn up the volume on this already beloved trend.

A shutout to all of you loving the choker trend: here’s what to do to freshen up your style and stay on point this spring!

Take it from street style icons

The queens of street chic will turn a trash can into a fashion obsession, only if they wants to. We’ve already witnessed their fashion chameleon soul inspiring everyone around to adopt the trend. So this time around, chokers will pretty fabulously matches up with the basic outfits, with a hint of street edginess.

Pair your jeans/leather pants and your gorgeous printed T with a standout choker that’ll make a statement. Bloggers loves to go big, so naturally, their choices fall on gold and silver. As for you, choose your material wisely, so it fits your overall style and vibe.

Be fierce and sleek

There’s rarely anything as exciting as a bare chest with a choker as its focal point. Opt for a sleek look with minimal makeup and beach-inspired hair for a look that won’t go unnoticed. Make your gorgeous choker the focal point of your look by wearing either long sleeved dresses with interesting designs, off-shoulder tops or tube tops. You can also choose to wear pants and a low cut jacket over it (with no or minimal material under) to showcase your fabulous jewelry.

Stay humble yet chic

Focusing on clean and basic looks with be a win-win fashion situation for everyone this season. With an all-black-everything ensemble a black choker to match may be a real thrill, although, a standout game-changer in silver, red, orange, gray… or any other color you may like could be the real deal! Pair the choker with the right set of earrings (hoops are back, too) and you’ll cause a major jaw-drop everywhere!


Wouldn’t it be absolutely fabulous getting noticed for something you’ve designed and created? Yes it would! If you don’t want to use the already-existing choker frame designs, come up with your own and wear it proudly. We hate to admit it, but, chokers are just glorified strips of fabric designed beautifully, so what’s stopping you from becoming the DYI Choker Queen?

Experiment with different fabrics: ultra-thin suede, denim, sheer or lacy ribbons, shoelaces, etc. These are all good places to start. You may even add embellishments and glitter for a more effective look!

Be like supermodels

When you’ve got the style, you’ve got it. Supermodel citizens have embraced the idea of a black choker of varying widths and made it a go-to for girls of a certain stature. Who says YOU aren’t to wear it this spring? Rock it!

Take a step further

We love how chokers have evolved bringing back all the edge and excitement. If you are not a fan of “being the same”, then push the envelope like these gorgeous models did. Find the ways to turn your scarves and statement necklaces into chokers by wrapping them around your neck a few times for effect. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and colors!


Peter is a fashion editor at HighStyleLife magazine, living in London and occasionally in Brisbane. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.



Lena Banulchak: “My posts usually are relevant for women, since I mostly write about fashion and trends. This time it’s a bit different, because this post is for you gentlemen”..


My posts usually are relevant for women, since I mostly write about fashion and trends. This time it’s a bit different, because this post is for you gentlemen.

This is an ultimate guide for Valentine’s day gifts. There are people who say we don’t need a special day to show our love – I disagree. There’s something beautiful and exciting about this day – a reminder to say to your loved ones how much you love and appreciate them – there’s no better way to show it, than with a special gift – something that will last forever, just like your feelings. The right piece of jewelry will be a great gift, which will symbolize your relationship and become a favorite accessory. Where should you start to choose the perfect one? Right here! (CLICK HERE TO SHOP: VALENTINE’S GIFTS)

First one is this beautiful choker. They are so trendy right now and almost every girl wears them. This choker is made of black velvet and has this sparkling heart right in the center – a fashionable reminder about the fact, that she has your heart! Combine it with few more items or as a single piece  – there’s no doubt she will be more than pleased! (OUT OF STOCK)

Collage choker.jpg


The next option is this “Infinity” set, which includes a ring, two bracelets and a necklace. The infinity symbolize your endless love which will last forever. So gentle and so romantic!

Collage infiniti.jpg12.jpg

The classic gift for Valentine’s day are flowers, so why don’t you take it one step further and give your loved one a bucket of diamond flowers! Earrings, bracelet, necklace, or maybe all together these flowers will live forever and remind your lady how much you love her every single day.

Collage flower.jpg16.jpg

One more option with a sentimental meaning are these pieces which has a heartbeat sign on them. Show your girlfriend how your heart skips a bit each time you are together!

Collage heartbeat.jpg

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Olga Gruzina: “Here’s the thing. When you have no idea what outfit to pick from your closet or you want to make it more cool and fashionable or luxurious and elegant – use this sage advice from WOC. We advise you to spice up your outfit with accessories and, of course, even better when it’s with jewelry…”


Here’s the thing. When you have no idea what outfit to pick from your closet or you want to make it more cool and fashionable or luxurious and elegant – use this sage advice from WOC. We advise you to spice up your outfit with accessories and, of course, even better when it’s with jewelry.

The WOC team likes to experiment. We got a lot of inspiration in a recent collaboration with a young and very trendy brand – Sharon Fine Jewelry. We prepared some ideas for you, showing how your outfit can shine by adding a few very small but fine details.

WOC chose 3 styles: casual, romantic and elegant. We picked the trendiest items from Sharon Fine Jewelry’s new collection: black chokers with an encrusted eye and clover, statement rings and bracelets with little details. All beautiful items and well worth a look!

1.Casual style:

This style can be used in your everyday routine, but will add some more life and fun to it. A cosy sweater, cool hat or trendy glasses and fun braids – all this spiced up with a velvet choker including a gorgeous little eye made of incrusted gems. This little detail will make sure all eyes are on you!

2. Romantic:

Having a coffee or a date? Choose to be in a romantic and dreamy mood!

Wavy hair, fresh make-up, white top with frills, light blue denim jeans. For a touch of style, fine rings of different  shapes and bracelets with little details. We chose these rings in silver colors and bracelets with enamel and incrustations.

3. Elegant:

Perfect for a late dinner or a night out!

This is our favorite style – simple, sexy and classy! No more, no less. It can also be a perfect option for a special New Years Eve outfit. A V-neck black jacket with golden buttons, berry lipstick and for good luck – a double cord choker with clover! Sharon Fine Jewelry knows well what a girl wants!

Make a wish and hopefully it will bring you something nice. This could well be our new «girl’s best friend»!

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Cristina Gheiceanu: "So happy to meet you again, my dear. Today I want to talk about the right accessories. Accessories that tell a story..."

So happy to meet you again, my dear. Today I want to talk about the right accessories. Accessories that tell a story.
I believe that jewelry must mean something to you. It must be the form through which you keep memories alive. Diamonds are so good at this, brilliantly good.
It doesn't matter how many bracelets and rings you have on hand, if they turn black in one week.
I think every woman must have 2-3 timeless jewelry, which can be transmitted from generation to generation, that look good in any outfit, any style ... that complete you as no other jewelry can do.
Diamonds are always in fashion, exactly how Black has created a space in the fashion, meaning elegance and refinement, as well diamonds talk about femininity and taste.
It is definitely great when you receive diamonds jewelry as a gift, because that is history that you put on your body. There are cases when I buy jewelry for myself. It happens when I want to congratulate myself upon succeeding on something. Every time I will look at that jewelry, it will remind me that I can, I can EVERYTHING, as long as I want it. It is a form of expression without words.
Today I will present you some diamond jewelry. I have chosen the ones that characterize me the most.
Many of you might think that diamonds can be worn exclusively with elegant and sophisticated clothes , but it is not so. Rather, they can make any outfit sophisticated.
All these jewels, and many others you find on this site They deliver worldwide and have all the sizes that you want.
The day we did the photo shoot it was snowing like in fairy tales..That is why I have chosen to wear a warm coat in black and white that has slipped a little red in it ... You can find it on Zaful.

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Linoy Friedman: "For as long as I could remember myself, I always liked fine and dainty jewelry. I love to wear my jewelry daily, and to not remove them in the shower or worry about them when I go for a swim. It means that I need to wear jewelry that are made of fine materials such as gold and diamonds..."


For as long as I could remember myself, I always liked fine and dainty jewelry. I love to wear my jewelry daily, and to not remove them in the shower or worry about them when I go for a swim. It means that I need to wear jewelry that are made of fine materials such as gold and diamonds. There is something about nice and dainty jewelry that upgrade your look. Always having my necklaces and some earrings on make me feel more confident and prettier. For my 20th birthday my mom got me two necklaces (that I'm sure you've already seen); one of a star and one of the moon. Both made out of rose gold with rubies and diamonds. I swear, I have not taken off these necklaces for a single day in over a year! That's how you know I like something 🙂 I like being able to layer my jewelry since I never like to take it off, and when I see something I like, I just gotta have it. That's why I love to keep some longer necklaces handy that I can easily put on and take off, and not to mention how obsessed I am with chokers! Sometimes nice jewelry could get pricey but what can I say? A girl needs her jewelry! Just like a designer bag or shoes, golds and diamonds are a good investment that even your great great grandchildren would enjoy! 🙂


Recently, I discovered a jewelry brand that was basically made for me! I want to get my hands on every single piece! The jewelry from Sharon Fine Jewelry have the perfect amount of daintiness, and it is made by Linoya-approved materials: the finest golds and diamonds. Believe it or not, it is affordable. Sharon Fine Jewelry relates to everything I look for in the perfect jewel and that also includes the price.


This is a complete coincidence, but both of mine and Sharon's parents have a jewelry business. We know that the cost of a diamond is no where near where it's priced on the market, and Sharon was inspired to start a business that will mainly focus on reasonable prices where you can get your money's worth for such nice pieces of jewelry. When I first heard that she has the perfect pricing I got so excited because it means I can own everything! With that being said, I could easily layer them all I want without wearing the  "too much" look because of how dainty they are! If you ask me, if a girl is wearing the most basic tee shirt and jeans, she can still look 'wow' if she has nice jewelry on (with the help of nicely done hair and perfect nails :)) For this look I decided to wear my new pink satin dress that I'm absolutely obsessed with! I think it complements the jewelry so well and together they create the perfect girly look!




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Murielle Van Schaik: “I don’t have to spell it out for you. Seeing my Instagram, you can guess I’m a big jewelry lover. As specially when it comes to the fine jewelry of Sharon Rozenbaum….”

I don’t have to spell it out for you. Seeing my Instagram, you can guess I’m a big jewelry lover. As specially when it comes to the fine jewelry of Sharon Rozenbaum.

This amazing talented woman has created a unique jewelry collection that’s as sweet and tiny as it is fierce and edgy.

I’ve been wearing her jewelry all the time! I’m crushing on the chokers and the lovable glittery earrings. Who said that fine jewelry has to be minimalistic? You’ll turn into a diva on stage within a seconde when you put on the thunder pieces!

Lucky for you, Sharon has launched her webshop this week so you can all feel electric: 

On the picture above you’ll spot a lot of gorgeous pieces! Like the double ‘Lightning’ necklace made of 18K gold, together with the white ‘Zig Zag’ ring, an elegant hand chain and the ‘Lightning’ earrings, also made from 18K gold.

All these sparkles! I’m wearing the white ‘Lightning’ choker, the ‘Classic Circle’ earringsthe ‘Electric Zig’ ring and the ‘Pave Double Bar‘ bangle. Don’t they look good with my leopard faux fur coat?!

The chokers are really my favorites right now. They’re really hot this moment! But nevertheless, the timeless designs will always stay in my jewelry box.

  On this photo you can see me wearing the white ‘Stardust’ choker, made of 14K gold and combined it with the ‘Disco stud’ earrings.

You’re in love already? The classic pieces are at the same time versatile. They’re significant enough to create that stylish look by using jewelry. You can wear them alone but also layered together.

Mix and match the jewelry and you’ll be able to wear them to get a cup of coffee, go to important meetings or to have a wild night out in the city. Sharon’s pieces push the boundaries yet remain wearable, beautiful, and timeless.

Glamour and simple elegance, exactly what I’m always looking for!

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Nicole Ballardini: "Can jewelry help radically the way we style our daily outfits? The answer is yes, absolutely!..."

Some days, despite all our effort – in my case almost every day, having Emma to get ready every morning before heading out – we just don’t have time to put together a A+, fashion week worthy outfit. Despite the new year resolutions of being super organised, classify our closet by colours and planning our next day outfit every night.. most of the time life just get in the way! Am I right? The right accessories are my answer to sort this out and saving a lot of time!

Today I am showing you how my latest discovery brand Sharon Fine Jewelry  is adding interest to two very easy going outfits.

Wearing layered necklaces, rings and bracelets became part of my every day routine. It adds more life to easy-to-wear pieces and elevates every look. Especially when the jewellery is 14K gold and with very dainty details. Basically, I can wear it from a date night or event to my casual and every day looks.


I like to always layer my jewellery, that’s why I always go for very fine and dainty pieces. The moment I discovered Sharon Fine Jewelry I literally had my hands on every single pieces! Since, believe it or not, it’s made of 14K gold and diamonds, it still comes to a quite reseanable price. This makes it easier to afford more pieces and being able to layer them!

The answer to my morning rush is that I can easily wear my favourite denim and white shirt or chunky knit and still feel ‘dressed up’ when I am layering the right jewels.


Inside Out the Look:

LOOK 1: Jewelry: Sharon Fine Jewelry | Shirt: H&M | Blazer: Zara | Jeans: Levi’s 501c | Shoes: Gucci | Bag: Lancaster 

LOOK 2: Jewelry: Sharon Fine Jewelry | Top: Maje | Cardigan: Zara | Jeans: J Brand | Belt: Zadig & Voltaire | Shoes: Toga Pulla |Bag: Chanel


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Ely Gypset: “Everyone remembers the fabulous song  « diamonds are a girl’s best friend  » by Marilyn Monroe…”

Everyone remembers the fabulous song « diamonds are a girl’s best friend » by Marilyn Monroe .Though I ‘ve never been very keen on diamonds it is true that their beauty is everlasting and make a woman feel beautiful .My tastes are quite simple but when Sharon put all these wonderful diamonds on my ears , round my neck and my wrists I really felt very special. Sharon is a young and gorgeous Israeli woman who has come for a very short stay in Lyon to meet me and introduce me to her universe .She has created a trendy chic collection of jewels made of gold and diamonds including chokers ,geometric shaped rings , « eyes »bracelets and necklaces. I love her style You can wear her precious jewels every day . She has customers in various European countries and to my mind her fame will grow .

We did the shooting in the « Café Juliette »because I like its chic and pleasant decoration .I hope you will like the photos taken there.

On se souvient toutes de cette fabuleuse chanson chantée par Marilyn Monroe « Diamonds are a girl’s best friend ». Et bien je pense qu’elle avait raison, les diamants sont peut être les meilleurs amis d’une femme. Il ne perdent jamais de leur beauté, ils ne se fanent pas ils prennent même de la valeur, ils brillent de mille feux et rendent les femmes toujours plus belles. Retrouvez vous n’importe où dans le monde sans un sou, si vous avez un joli diamant au doigt, vous ne serez pas démunies. Peu importe que ce soit un cadeau fait par un homme, votre famille ou même pour vous même, c’est un cadeau intemporel et de valeur.

Je n’ai jamais vraiment été une fille à diamants, je vous avoue que je suis assez simple et que ce n’est pas quelque chose que je recherchais plus que tout. Il a fallu que Sharon me mettent tous ces beaux diamants sur mes oreilles, autour de mon cou, sur mes mains, pour que je sente à quel point l’on se sent spéciale.

Sharon est une jeune et belle Israélienne qui à fait une halte à Lyon pour me rencontrer et me faire découvrir son univers. Elle a élaboré une collection de bijoux qui mêle diamants et créations modernes, avant gardistes, tendances. Elle habille toutes les femmes, et jeunes filles, à travers l’Europe et je l’espère pour elle le monde entier !

Les créations qu’elle propose sont piles dans la tendance, des chokers, des bagues géométriques, des bracelets et colliers « eyes ».C’est en quelque sorte un mélange de tout ce que j’aime avoir en bijoux car c’est loin d’être clinquant ou bling bling, ils sont facilement « portables », faits de diamants et d’or.

Nous avons fait notre shooting dans un lieu à Lyon que je fréquente beaucoup le Café Juliette. Un établissement avec une décoration chic et agréable, parfait pour se retrouver entre amis, pour des rendez-vous ou simplement si vous êtes amateur de bons coktails. Ce jour là il pleuvait et faisait très froid, mais Sharon venait spécialement d’Israel et ne restait que très peu de temps alors nous avons fait le shooting du mieux que nous pouvions. J’espère que les photos vous plairont.